Land of fire Azerbaijan

A journey from modern to ancient, this Ancient Silk Road country is now a Modern Marvel

Many travelers are looking for an East meets West experience. Well look no further than Baku, the capital city of the ancient state of the Shirvanshahs. Baku is an ancient city, mixed with old traditional & modern architecture.

Baku has become a recognized international center for multicultural & intercultural dialogue. The country is known as a multicultural secular land of religious tolerance. Many nationalities and different ethnic groups have lived together for centuries. And history haven’t recorded any conflicts between the three main denominations in Azerbaijan, which is Christians, Jews & Muslims.

Since Azerbaijan got it’s independence in 1991, the country has improved in all spheres. The country is moving forwards, holding many international events which has marked Azerbaijan on the map. Little does people know that back in 1847 the first country where the black gold, The Oil was found, was in Azerbaijan. Ever since Azerbaijan won Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, many are familiar with the country in Eurasia.

Baku a booming metropolis in the Caucasus region, shines like a pearl by the Caspian Sea between Europe and Asia.

Photos by Edmond Yang.

Discover “Little Venice” of Baku