CAN in the Media

We are delighted to present some of the media coverage we have gained.

Cultural understanding and friendships are developed on openness, once you open yourself to discover, you will find that we are more similar than you imagined. It is the mind set that limits us from seeing the similarities, therefore to
break these borders, one must try to be more open-minded.

CAN in the media!

We are delighted to present some of the media coverage we have gained in Norway, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Our Chairwoman Shervin Najafpour is a public figure, who often is interviewed by local and international media.

Beside all the TV, Magazine and newspaper interviews, and attending many webinars, she often writes her own opinons which are also published in the media.

ARB TV – Azerbaijan
Antalya Fashion Week – Turkey
Fashion TV
MAG – İctimati TV – Azerbaijan
Shervin Najafpour with TV Presenter Abbasaga

Nargis Magazine

Embrace your rich culture, history, language, & traditions, make sure to pass them down to your children & be a great ambassador. Find the sweet balance between integration & don’t be too eager to be assimilated.

Sputnik Azerbaijan

The love story of an Azerbaijani and a Norwegian woman captured in photographs. “Dicovering the land of our origin”.

Kanal 5
ATV morning show
Watch from 48 minutes


Handing the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solber a gift from our project “Dicovering the land of our origin”.

Kanal 5

Sputnik Azerbaijan

Designer and politician of Azerbaijani origin from Norway reveals the secrets of success.



Some 200 billboards informing about the Karabakh war have been installed in a number of public places in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

Friends of CAN in the media!

We are delighted to present some of the media coverage friends of CAN have gained in Azerbaijan.

Ambassador of Turkey to Norway, Mr.Fazlı Çorman

Ambassador of Turkey to Norway Mr. Fazla Çorman’s interview to Publika about Karabakh and the friendship between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Arina Sheikh

Arina Sheik’s interview to Publika about Justice for Karabakh and youths voices in peace work.

Edmond Yang

Edmond Yang’s interview to Publika about his trip to Azerbaijan, our cultural bridge building project and Green digital business.

Neha Ikram

Neha Ikram’s interview to Publika about Karabakh, cultural bridge building and cultural undrstanding.