Discover The Land of our Origin

Land of our origin

It all began with a vision to neutralize the relations between Azerbaijan and Norway by making both countries aware of the cultural values.

It is known that Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002) a world-renowned explorer and archaeologist was convinced that there might be connective links between the Caucasus and Scandinavia. He elaborated on these ideas in his book Ingen grenser, Norwegian for No Borders, published by J.M. Stenersens Forlag in Oslo in 1999. In his research he claimed that the Scandinavian God Odin was actually a historical figure who had originated from the Caucasus and then migrated with a large number of his people to Scandinavia and that Scandinavians are the descendants of the people who once lived in the region now known as Azerbaijan.

This vision led to this project called Discovering – The Land of our origin by CANs chairwoman & internationally known fashion designer Shervin Najafpour. The goal is to achieve a balanced, democratic, intellectual discussion by building stronger bridges, cultural understanding and friendship between the two nations.

“Heyerdahl theorized as to the likelihood that the ancestors of Scandinavians, including Norwegians like himself, probably originated from the region presently known as Azerbaijan.” We followed his footsteps in order to find the similarities between the two oil countries and created a love story scenario, where two persons from two different cultures meet in a love series wearing traditional costumes from Norway and Azerbaijan.

Photos by Edmond Yang

Azerbaijani model Elvin Ismayil

Follow Thor Heyerdahl’s footsteps to Azerbaijan!

The theory of Thor Heyerdahl and the beautiful friendship between him and our national leader Heydar Aliyev inspired me to follow the footsteps to find the similarities between the two nations. This is how my idea became a reality in 2019. “Discovering The Land of Our Origin” is a project I am beyond proud of, as I invited Norwegian blogger Jeanette Elise Hildebrandt and Creative Art Director Edmond Yang to Azerbaijan to confirm my theory that ignorance creates xenophobia. Shervin Najafpour

Photos by Edmond Yang

Følg Thor Heyerdahls fotspor til Aserbajdsjan!

Teorien om Thor Heyerdahl og det vakre vennskapet mellom ham og aserbajdsjans nasjonale leder Heydar Aliyev inspirerte meg til å følge fotsporene for å finne likhetene mellom Aserbajdsjan og Norge, samt for å bekrefte min teori om at uvitenhet skaper fremmedfrykt. Ideen min ble til realitet i 2019, da jeg inviterte den norske bloggeren Jeanette Elise Hildebrandt og Creative Art Director Edmond Yang til Aserbajdsjan og projektet “Discovering The Land of Our Origin” ble til. Shervin Najafpour

City of wine & literature, Shamakhi

Pay tribute to the enduring legacy of Imadeddin Nasimi, the 14th century mystical poet who wrote the first collection of poetry in the Azerbaijani language, and who was considered one of the greatest Turkic mystical poets of his time.

Photos by Edmond Yang

Vin & litteraturbyen Shamakhi

Hyl den varige arven til Imadeddin Nasimi, den mystiske dikteren fra 1300-tallet som skrev den første diktsamlingen på det aserbajdsjanske språket, og som ble ansett som en av de største tyrkiske mystiske dikterne i sin tid.

Hop ombord på en gondol for en rolig tur i Baku

Baku, a modern city made of traditional dreams

The capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku is an instragrammer’s dream.

Photos by Edmond Yang

Chef Shervin & Jeanette accepted the challenge of making a traditional Azerbaijani dish at Gate 25’s kitchen.

Baku, en moderne by laget av tradisjonelle drømmer

Baku – instagrammernes by byr på mange unike severdigheter og landemerker! Aserbajdsjans hovedstad Baku er en instragrammers drøm.

Nyt aserbajdsjansk vin til en av byens beste utsikt!
Himmelsk dessert til fenomenal utsikt 

Gate 25

Kulinarisk opplevelse til en av Bakus mest unike utsikter. Gate 25 byr på alt! Her kan du nyte en hel aften med Sushi, tradisjonelle aserbajdsjanske retter med en moderen vri, unike desserter, te, drinker, vin og shisha/vannpipe.

Photos by Edmond Yang

Chef Shervin & Jeanette accepted the challenge of making a traditional Azerbaijani dish at Gate 25’s kitchen.

Gate 25

Culinary experience to one of Baku’s most unique views. Gate 25 offers everything! Here you can enjoy a whole evening with Sushi, traditional Azerbaijani dishes with a modern twist, unique desserts, tea, drinks, wine and shisha / hookah.

Azərbaycanım Magazine

Our project were featured in Azerbaycanim Magazine with 6 pages! We shared our story about our unforgettable trip to Azerbaijan & our cultural bridge building project “Discovering the land of our origin” with the creative team from Norway, internationally known creative art director Edmond Yang and influencer Jeanette Elise Hildebrandt. A special thanks to the Azerbaycanim Magazine editor in chief Emil Nasirli and Azerbaijan’s Star fashion designer Fakhriye Khalafova

TV intervju med Kanal 5, Aserbajdsjan