Diaspora Youth Camp

“100th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan” Summer Camp of Diaspora Youth

The State Committee for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan invited young diaspora representatives abroad to the Summer Camp of the Diaspora Youth.
The purpose of the camp is to strengthen Diaspora’s work by bringing together Azerbaijani youth living in the world on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR).

We are happy and thrilled that our Chairman Shervin Najafpour participated at this event & also represented the Azerbaijani Diaspora of Norway.



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“Centenary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic” the First Summer Camp of the Diaspora Youth.


We are 140 young representatives of 50 million Azerbaijanis all around the world who came to our motherland’s ancient city Sheki representing 37 countries and gathered together in order to take part in the First Summer Camp of the Diaspora Youth dedicated to the “Centenary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

We confirm that the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic created on May 28, 1918 with an area of 113, 9 thousand sq. km, founded a modern, democratic and secular state management in our country and played indispensable role in the unity and solidarity of Azerbaijani nation.

We declare that we will respect laws, national – spiritual values and culture of countries where we currently reside; besides, by effectively integrating into those countries we aim to contribute to its political, economic, cultural and social life, to support the establishment of strong friendship and fraternal relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan, its nation and the country we live in.

We declare our readiness to cooperate with the youth all around the world and take actions aimed at the promotion of peace, fraternity and friendship, environmental protection, the development of science and education; also we intend to fight against the global issues and to unite our efforts in order to make our world even more beautiful and prosperous.

We declare that we honor the memory of all the martyrs who have died for the sake of Azerbaijan’s independence and territorial integrity.

We declare that we will fight against any threats to our country and will spare no effort to contribute in the process of getting all the occupied Azerbaijani lands back and to return internally displaced people to their homelands;

We declare that – we will prevent negative policies like the assimilation of the Azerbaijanis of the world, destruction of national – spiritual values as well as historical and cultural heritage, change of toponyms, etc. and convey the truth to the world;

We urge the Armenian youth of the world to influence the return of the occupied Azerbaijani lands by the Armenian state in order to ensure peace and prosperity in the Caucasus region and not to let the youth to fall victims to the war;

We declare that we will support the socio-economic and political-legal reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan, also the process of modernization and the expansion of our compatriots’ opportunities to integrate into the world;

We have decided to establish the Youth Network of the World Azerbaijanis with an aim of accomplishing the above-mentioned goals.

Sheki city, Azerbaijan. August 27, 2018